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Good news for Snoopy and Peanuts fans! Snoopy Museum Tokyo just closed on 24th September, 2018. However, Snoopy Museum will come back to Osaka in April, 2019 and Nagoya in June, 2019!

One of the trendy landmarks in Roppongi, Tokyo Snoopy Museum Tokyo is coming to a close finally. The museum with the theme of the popular American comic strip Peanuts has drawn numbers of fans all over the world since it opened in April in 2016. And then, Snoopy Museum Tokyo will be closed in September in 2018.

The museum is just a paradise for fans of Snoopy or Peanuts, where you can enjoy seeing, shopping and eating with the 70 unique characters at the 3 sections: the gallery with about 200 artworks, the gift shop and the Peanuts themed cafe.

Today, I have just got the chance to enjoy the Snoopy world at the museum and would like to share my experience to you.

Don’t miss the last chance to enjoy the heart-warming world at Snoopy Museum Tokyo.

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Entrance with the 5 Snoopy statues

Firstly, at the entrance, you are welcomed by 5 Snoopy statues which are designed as Snoopy of each period from the one walking on four legs in the early to the current and familiar one.

Admission ticket with the strips

Staff at the ticket counter hand in an admission ticket with Peanuts comic newspaper strips printed on it. The strips are from newspapers published with the same date as your visit one in a random past year.


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Just after entering the first room of the gallery, you see the giant mosaic on the whole wall with the design of Snoopy and Charlie Brown. It’s found that it consists of 4,500 comic strips up close.

The first strip of Peanuts

Lots of artworks by the author Charles M. Schulz with a theme are displayed at the gallery part, and the theme is changed every six months. The gallery offers well-selected newspaper comic strips, animation, paintings (some of them are never-before-published), vintage items related to Peanuts and Charles M. Schulz and so on.

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The “LOVE IS WONDERFUL” exhibition

Top Off Off Off Yourturn Yourturn Knock Black Knock Top Black Yourturn Knock “LOVE IS WONDERFUL” is the theme of the gallery this time, and about 200 artworks representing loves of various characters from Charlie Brown and the red-haired girl to Lucy and Schroeder. Of course, Snoopy’s love is represented. You can also watch the 2 original short movies about love of Peanuts characters.

The original short movie

Anyway, do you know Snoopy fell in love and got brokenhearted on the wedding day? Surprisingly, his brother Spike, who is also his best man, ran off with his bride. How poor he was…

The next exhibition is the final one, and the museum will come to its grand finale with the theme “FRIENDSHIP IN PEANUTS”. The various types of friendship in the Peanuts will be focused on. Let’s visit the final exhibition to feel the essence of Peanuts.


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BROWN’s STORE is the gift shop which is located next to the gallery section. It offers over 600 various items with the theme of Snoopy including the limited 200 items with the theme of the current exhibition. There are original mugs, T-shirts, stationery, postcards, posters, souvenir snacks and so on. The gift store will renew its lineup along with the change of the exhibition on 21st April, 2018.

(I bought two mugs and a notebook!!)


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Cafe Blanket

Snoopy Museum Tokyo also owns the special cafe named Cafe Blanket with theme of Linus’s blanket. Cafe Blanket serve original dishes related to the theme of the current exhibition. There is a big blue table at the center of the cafe in the motif of Linus’s blanket. On a fine day, you can have a seat outside and relax quietly at the busy metropolitan area Roppongi.

My order:

-Sally & Truffle’s Open-Faced Sandwich (Left photo) /1,630 yen

-Snoopy Dish Combo -The Warm Puppy Select- (Right photo) /1,480 yen

You can get a free cute coaster with your drink order.


Off Yourturn Top Off Knock Knock Knock Off Top Yourturn Yourturn Black Black ▽You can book the e-ticket of Snoopy Museum Tokyo at a discounted rate here▽

Please note that the museum is closed from April 9th to April 20th due to exhibition change. The store and cafe will also be closed.

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Snoopy Museum

Access: 7 mins walk from Roppongi Station (Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line/Toei Oedo Line)

Date (LOVE IS WONDERFUL): until 8th April, 2018

Date (FRIENDSHIP IN PEANUTS) : 21st April to 24th September, 2018

Hour: 10:00-20:00

Admission Fee: JPY2,000(Adult)/1,400(University)/1,000(High and Junior High School)/600(4 year old to Elementary School)

Official Website: Payment Thong Safe Jane Black After 4EOqBn0


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Grab the last chance to visit Snoopy Meseum Tokyo by September in 2018!! If you have been there before, you can enjoy the new theme of the museum. For more information about Tokyo, check these articles below!!

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